Roy Trower

I have been drawing, painting and designing all of my life and, in fact, when I graduated university and became a freelance artist I began by working with Patrick just shortly after he had first set up his design agency. (I sure he wouldn’t want me to mention how long ago that was!) In all that time I have never forgotten how lucky I am to be earning my living by doing something I love so much and I am always excited to see what is happening in the wider design world.

My work sells worldwide and includes many kinds of 3D product design and packaging and my illustrations and paintings have been reproduced on a diverse range of products from limited edition prints, greetings cards and party ware to jigsaws, collectible figurines and ceramics. I have been commissioned by a wide range of clients from chain store multiples to Harrods and Royal Doulton.

Born in Kent, I now live and work in rural Devon with my wife and two daughters. Having children has helped me in my aim to impart my work with that sense of childlike wonder at the world around us which we so often lose as we grow into adults.