I was ALWAYS drawing and colouring as a little child, and knew that one day I would work in a creative role.

After successfully completing a HND in surface pattern design, which left me lucky enough to take my work across to New York for the Surtex show, my journey with Inspire began. Having now worked within the design industry for almost 20 years I have built up a good knowledge of techniques and styles in order to keep up with current trends and make my work commercially viable. I have a real passion for texture, pattern and colour, and try to incorporate this in to my work as much as possible. I also love watercolour and the more painterly, hand-finished looks which I now combine with digital elements to create many of my designs using Photoshop.

My work has been used across many different products over the years, including giftware, tableware, textiles and scrapbooking - I've even had one or two pieces crop up on TV! It still gives me a real buzz to see a finished product out there for people to purchase and enjoy.

In 2011 I became a parent and I am now mum to two beautiful bambinos who keep me very busy in between designing, and provide me with much inspiration! I have also recently developed a passion for sewing, which I combine with my design skills to create various items such as cushions, bunting and birthday rosettes - I find it gives me a nice balance between digital and the more hands-on, crafty side of design work. .