I often wonder, ‘gosh, what would I do if I couldn’t draw or sew every day? I’ve always had a million different creative projects on the go, I remember sewing my Brownie badges on my uniform at 7 because I wanted a different shade of cotton to what my Mum was offering. It was my Grandma who fed my passion, designing and creating outfits for my teddies and dolls then sewing my first patch work quilt at 9.

I use Photoshop, Illustrator and Procreate mostly, but I do love collage and to get the paints out too and I’m also itching to get the sewing machine out again!

The Inspire studio welcomed me with open arms into their amazing fun and lively gang! I felt at home and ready to create instantly, we love bouncing ideas off each other and looking at the latest trends each week.

Nothing beats seeing my designs on products, I’ll never tire of it, I still have to tell my whole family like it was my first card in store 19 years ago!

I live in Derbyshire U.K with my 2 children who keep me very busy and are actually my biggest inspiration each day. When I’m not designing, I’m crafting with two very cheeky messy pumpkins.