I have many happy memories of growing up by the coast, collecting pretty seashells and driftwood which I would often take home to draw and paint. I followed this love of art throughout school to university, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (hons) degree in Illustration from the University of Lincoln. I now work from my home studio in Nottingham, England.

I spent my early career illustrating for children's education books and interactive learning resources. This gave me a great opportunity to develop my skills as an illustrator, although it wasn't long before I discovered my love for surface pattern design. I've been designing for Inspire Art Licensing since 2005 and during this time have developed a variety of styles, ranging from whimsical to elegant. It's such a joy to receive samples and see my designs on shelves across the globe! I enjoy being part of our fun and talented studio team. Most of my designs are created using Adobe Illustrator. However, I'm experienced in Photoshop too, which I use to create more textured looks.

In my spare time I enjoy reading and yoga. But most of all, I love to travel. I'll often go for walks and take my camera along, always looking for interesting shots to turn into textured backgrounds, pattern swatches and brushes to use in my designs.