My story starts when I was a little girl, painting the walls of my parents house, I could get lost for hours, I would often spend most of my free time exploring the illustrations in books and dreaming of creating my own one day.

That was the moment when I discovered my passion for illustration.

I graduated with my degree in Fine Arts from the University of Granada (Spain) and after completing my degree I went on to study Illustration and graphic design in Malaga (Spain). I started to work in children's fashion for several companies.

I decided to travel around the world to get inspired and explore new places, this coincided with me becoming a freelancer to expand my professional experience. During the years traveling I worked on various projects from fashion to surface pattern design and trends books. When freelancing in different countries the source of inspiration changes with each new place, which finally landed me in the UK.

For the last 5 years i have worked in surface pattern design, I still feel motivated and inspired to wake up each and every morning to do the job I enjoy, when my daughter lets me!! :P

I am an outdoors person, I love traveling and experiencing new cultures and foods but becoming a mum for the first time has changed a lot of things and makes me push to try and find new creative hobbies to share with my little one.

Now finally I have my own way to share what I love.